Fall Classic Demo

by Twin Cities

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Some Songs that David, Matt, and Mikey and myself (Macario) built from the ground up.


released November 3, 2015

Macario Gutierrez jr-Vocals/Guitar
David- Bass/guitar
Mikey Haddad-Guitar
Matthew Guenthoer-Drums

Produced,Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered By Macario Gutierrez Jr



all rights reserved


Twin Cities Henderson, Nevada


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Track Name: Youngstown
I think I lost my self again, I'm trying hard to make some sense of this.

Oh i believed in every word you said.
I'm thinking everything would work out once i left .

Please don't miss me when I'm gone
Please come to terms I won't come home.

And all these years I've been dead im call over to you to set my body free.
Then all I could utter out my mouth" is get away now or throw my body away". Oh I believed in every word you said. I stuck around but your just falling now. You told me to move on but I am stuck here. And I know your happy now. But I'm trying hard to forget the way to said my name.

If I could sing a little louder i hope that you could hear me across this fucking city where ever you are. And I hope you know I'm sorry about those bitter songs I wrote and now hope that your ok and that's all I care about.
Track Name: I Can't Remember
I can't remember what feels to be whole. I'm trying hard not to lose my self. And I could careless about what you think about me.

I thought I'd write another song about how I made a mess of everything. Im sick and tired of the way I feel. I felt alone and this has been a while that I have felt this way. How did I end up so alone?

If I stand besides my self Id realize I've wasted everything.

I can't remember what feels to be whole. I'm trying hard not to lose my self. And I could careless about what you think about me.

I'm waking up and everything has changed. I feel so empty with who I've become.
Track Name: From The Place of The Laurel Leaves
Today I woke up a little more bitter than I had before. Maybe yesterday I fell as fine as wine but the forward motion of the earth had me slightly out of sync with my steps. Oh sigh, how will I die?

Will I fall in love again?
Or will these blankets that keep me warm at night might suffocate my mouth keeping the air from my lungs?

Can't we finish all of our thoughts with a sigh of relief for a change? Will the blood of your wine call the ghost that haunts your dreams? How will we know we're dead of there's no passing over? Oh sigh, how will I die?

I'll just sleep till I find something better.
When did my name stop crossing your mind?
Why did I ever think that this would all work out?

I just need to sleep this off.